Monday, 21 July 2008

Liberal Conspiracy's Experiment in Flexible Ethics

Liberal Conspiracy is currently conducting a social experiment into the topic of flexible ethics. On their FAQ there is an unequivocal statement that:
"Abusive, sarcastic and troll-ish comments (aimed at writers or other commenters) will be deleted."
So what happens when the abuser, user of sarcasm and troller just happens to be none other than the doyen of ranting liberalism, Tim Ireland? On a recent thread about the Centre for Open Politics, Tim says that your blog host has "only turned up as the occasional troll" and [currently is] "playing childish games".

Says who? Mr Ireland seems to believe he is judge and jury when it comes to other people's behaviour. However he certainly is in the habit of making ill-conceived and boorish comments because earlier in the same thread he accuses John Hirst of of being a troller too. Even though your blog author has set the record straight by contacting Ireland directly, Ireland still doesn't see fit to apologise to John himself.

Aren't Liberal Conspiracies a wonderful idea, especially when they are constructed to protect your dull friends? Back at the FAQs it says you are welcome to complain, and
"We may get back to you but we are under no obligation to."
Hardly seems worth the bother, doesn't it?

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