Saturday, 26 July 2008

Curiouser and Curiouser

Falling out with Tim Ireland is quite a revealing business. It puts a new perspective upon the material found at Every blogger should try it least once, to properly understand what it's like to be on the receiving end of Tim's vitriol.

A few days ago, Tim said of Tory Dipper "You’re not helping." Fair enough. Tory Dipper is at a little bit of a loss to know what it is he isn't helping with, but obviously Tim has some project in mind, and the Dipper's help is not needed.

Back on Tim's own blog he later said "...(which led to my being spammed courtesy of a 'helpful' sock-puppeteer who will be dealt with in due course)...", an incident which Tory Dipper has admitted to both privately to Tim and and in public. Presumably the quotes around 'helpful' are an indicator of sarcasm, in context his comment certainly seems to mean "unhelpful".

So here we have a negative critical remark, a bit of sarcasm and also a threat that Tory Dipper will be "dealt with". So it's then a bit surprising to see the following item drop into one's inbox:

Hang on Ireland! You want my help now? Maybe you should have thought about that before you started slagging me off on the internet. (Tory Dipper stands accused of the most hideous of internet crimes, sock-puppetry. Tim has yet to present his case, but of course he has already been found guilty by Justice Ireland.)

Just for the record, Tory Dipper is completely unaware of any way to make anonymous edits on Wikipedia. The Dipper has edited Wikipedia in the past, but only ever using the methods described at Pseudonymity, so the correct answer to his e-mail is "none".

Tim is a little bit notorious at flying off the handle when he gets answers he doesn't like. Don't forget to watch this space to see if he takes it lying down.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

What if ... ?

Amazingly, Google are just one click away from having their pant's sued off them by Tim Ireland. Hardly seems credible, does it?

Monday, 21 July 2008

Other News from Watford

Speculation is rife over at Conservative Home with regards to the arrest, bailing, resignation as Watford PPC and now resignation from Tory party of Cllr Ian Oakley. For the time being Mr Oakley has hung onto his role at Hillingdon Council (he's going to need those allowances!). Among the theories being spun are that "he was having trouble with dirty LibDem campaigns".

Of course it's outrageous that the Lib Dems, victims of a three year hate campaign, should be seen as the perpetrators of such a crime, and after, what could they possibly have to gain?

A quick leaf through last week's Watford Observer may give a little background to the political scene in the town.

Here's the front page:

Hang on - that looks like Councillor Hugh O'Hanlon - who's just been caught three times over the legal limit driving his wife's car 200 yards home from the pub. He had a previous ban in 1999 for the same offence. Up until May this year O'Hanlon was chair of the Procurements and Contracts Board and six other panels and committees. The Lib Dems knew how to utilise his talents because he was on three Licensing Committees (hic). The Lib Dems now say he's an independent, so that's ok then. They are busily trying to airbrush Mr O'Hanlan from their website, and may not be best pleased that (Tory) Cllr Grimston alleges that O'Hanlon arrived "drunk and late" for a meeting last year.

While over at the town hall it might be worth a quick peek at Watford Borough Council's Register of councillors' gifts and hospitality, because there we can find that Mayor Thornhill accepted a gift of £1,000 to £1,500 to send her to Israel, courtesy of the Moonies. (It's only taken her a year and a half to register it). One other Lib Dem councillor, Janet Baddeley, also appears to be in thrall to Rev. Sun Myung Moon weird cult, although she insists that her trip to South Korea was not a Moonie junket.

At least one Watford resident has had enough, an A Shah has been corresponding via the letters page and has set up Watford against elected Mayors. He will need to collect a petition of 5% of Watford electors to stop pissed Lib Dems, funded by the Moonies from creating any more havoc within the town. With the last Conservative PPC currently adding his DNA to the national database, it's unlikely he will find much help from the Tories.

Liberal Conspiracy's Experiment in Flexible Ethics

Liberal Conspiracy is currently conducting a social experiment into the topic of flexible ethics. On their FAQ there is an unequivocal statement that:
"Abusive, sarcastic and troll-ish comments (aimed at writers or other commenters) will be deleted."
So what happens when the abuser, user of sarcasm and troller just happens to be none other than the doyen of ranting liberalism, Tim Ireland? On a recent thread about the Centre for Open Politics, Tim says that your blog host has "only turned up as the occasional troll" and [currently is] "playing childish games".

Says who? Mr Ireland seems to believe he is judge and jury when it comes to other people's behaviour. However he certainly is in the habit of making ill-conceived and boorish comments because earlier in the same thread he accuses John Hirst of of being a troller too. Even though your blog author has set the record straight by contacting Ireland directly, Ireland still doesn't see fit to apologise to John himself.

Aren't Liberal Conspiracies a wonderful idea, especially when they are constructed to protect your dull friends? Back at the FAQs it says you are welcome to complain, and
"We may get back to you but we are under no obligation to."
Hardly seems worth the bother, doesn't it?

Saturday, 19 July 2008


Tory Dipper joined the new social networking revolutionary site Sunlight Centre for Open Politics and promptly got banned 9 hours later - but what did he do wrong?

Investigations are already underway here, we will of course let you know as soon as we have any news...

Friday, 13 June 2008

Now It's Getting Serious

It looks very much as if wimpy little Luke Akehurst has bottled at the very first hurdle. The best he can do is prattle on about some loser un-employed newspaper editor.

Now that the small boys have been removed from the ring, it's time to bring on the heavyweight political operators. So far, just one proper candidate is known to have declared: Mad Cow-Girl from the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. At last, Daring Davis has a proper challenger to debate the finer points of the British constitution with.

Over at Team Bruiser, we are ready and willing to engage in this political debate, to show why the OMRLP, the Democratic Unionist Party and the Labour Party have got it wrong on 42 days.

Don't forget, Mad Cow-Girl, centuries of liberties are at steak. We are ready to meet you anytime, any place to chew the fat. Expect a grilling!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Luke's Blog: Bring It On, Akehurst, Bring It On

Luke's Blog: An idea

Labour "tough guy" Luke Akehurst thinks he can take on the Bruiser on his home turf. Yeah! Oh yeah!

Any day Akehurst, you and your limp wristed 42 day detention friends are about to find out what a dose of freedom really feels like. Team Bruiser is ready for you, your recently retired senior police officer candidate, or even your crazy idea of putting up a suspected terrorist. Davis wins every time. Ha ha ha!

We're off!

At last, the big secret is out. Team Bruiser is out on the road, with our leader free from the shackles of the Shadow Home Secretary job, and soon to be free from the manacles of the House of Commons.

Here's a list of David's opponents (who, so far, are all too afraid to stand against him):
  • UK Independence
  • English Democrats
  • Fur Play Party
  • Beauties for Britain
  • Liberal Democrat
  • Labour
  • Monster Raving Loony
  • British National Party
  • Common Good
  • Green
Bring it on! Stand up for life, liberty and the death penalty: Vote Davis