Saturday, 26 July 2008

Curiouser and Curiouser

Falling out with Tim Ireland is quite a revealing business. It puts a new perspective upon the material found at Every blogger should try it least once, to properly understand what it's like to be on the receiving end of Tim's vitriol.

A few days ago, Tim said of Tory Dipper "You’re not helping." Fair enough. Tory Dipper is at a little bit of a loss to know what it is he isn't helping with, but obviously Tim has some project in mind, and the Dipper's help is not needed.

Back on Tim's own blog he later said "...(which led to my being spammed courtesy of a 'helpful' sock-puppeteer who will be dealt with in due course)...", an incident which Tory Dipper has admitted to both privately to Tim and and in public. Presumably the quotes around 'helpful' are an indicator of sarcasm, in context his comment certainly seems to mean "unhelpful".

So here we have a negative critical remark, a bit of sarcasm and also a threat that Tory Dipper will be "dealt with". So it's then a bit surprising to see the following item drop into one's inbox:

Hang on Ireland! You want my help now? Maybe you should have thought about that before you started slagging me off on the internet. (Tory Dipper stands accused of the most hideous of internet crimes, sock-puppetry. Tim has yet to present his case, but of course he has already been found guilty by Justice Ireland.)

Just for the record, Tory Dipper is completely unaware of any way to make anonymous edits on Wikipedia. The Dipper has edited Wikipedia in the past, but only ever using the methods described at Pseudonymity, so the correct answer to his e-mail is "none".

Tim is a little bit notorious at flying off the handle when he gets answers he doesn't like. Don't forget to watch this space to see if he takes it lying down.


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Martin said...

Have you upset the Chinese again, Good Game?. If so, please explain why, (as if I should even need to ask = exasperation).